Color Options Available

from Armoralleather



We know that when it comes to the color of your sheath sometimes you really want to make a statement. We offer a variety of solid colors that are hand stained and we are also branching into factory dyed leather. If you want something special then check out our hand stained specility dye designs.

Basic Black (goes with everything) Black high ride sheath

Dark Brown Dark Brown Randall Style sheath

Medium Brown Medium Brown

Saddle Tan (light brown) Saddle Tan sheath

Specialty Stain Finishing - These special treatments make a sheath truly unique as no two sheaths can be done exactly alike (even if he tried). These do come with a surcharge.

Brown Mottled Sheath Brown Mottled Sheath Image

Black Mottled Sheath Black Mottled Sheath Image

Fade Sheath Fade Sheath Image