How to Place an Order

with Armoralleather




We are happy that you have chosen to place an order with us. Please understand that we are your classic mom and pop shop. That means that all the work is being done by us. We don't farm out anything. So while yes we have a fairly long wait time your item will be worth the wait. You are getting a custom crafted piece and you are supporting a family not a big business.

To make things easier we have put this list together to help you know what we need to make your custom leather item.


  1. First choose us!
  2. Second choose which knife or knives you would like sheathed.
  3. Start with the Style page and chose the style that works best for your needs.
  4. Handle keeper or Guard keeper or Loveless retention ... please know that not all retentions work with every knife or every style.
  5. Now look at the Carry page and chose the carry style that works best for how you will use your knife.
  6. Don't forget to check out these Special Options that can be combined with what you have chosen.
  7. COLOR!! Pick something to match your knife or your belt.
  8. Now the fun begins! If you would like an exotic inlay or maybe a special carving we can make your sheath one of a kind. See examples here.
  9. If you refer to a picture from the site please specify which picture. For many knives we have multiple sheath styles pictured ... lets make sure we are both looking as the same picture.
  10. We keep many knives and patterns so you may mot have to send yours in but certain sheath styles may require the actual knife.  Check to see if we have your knife in house if we do you may not need to send yours in (but we may want to double check the measurements on your blade ... hand finishing creates a little variance)
  11. Please be aware when you contact us our wait time is currently about THREE months.  We are doing our best to shorten it but Dwayne does most of the work by hand.  From cutting and staining, to stitching and finishing his hands do it all.  To that end it sometimes takes a little longer to get everything out.
  12. Payment is due when we cut leather (due to recent activity we will not cut leather unless payment is received).  That way the sheaths can be shipped as soon as they are finished not sit waiting for payment (money orders need to reach our mail box before the sheath is finished).
Please note:

***** Due to many unforeseen circumstances in the making of sheaths we regret that we can only estimate, not promise a completion time. Dwayne works more then 12 hours a day almost every day to make your sheaths (by hand), he is the only one making the sheaths to up hold our standard of excellence. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. *****

Contact Information



(210) 802-9975 **PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE IF WE MISS YOUR CALL ... the sander is loud**


Sheath Pricing Guidelines as follows:
Due to the variability of what you can order (especially custom and other leather items) please contact us for an exact price.

Blade Length

under 5"

5-6" 7-8" 9-10" 11-12" Above 13"
Basic sheath (Handstitched) $80 $90 $100 $110 $120 $130+
Carving  contact for pricing
Kydex Add $20 $30 $40 $50 $60 $70+
Inlays Add (common skins) $10 $15 $20 $25 $30 $35+
Exotic Inlays contact for pricing & availability
Options to Add On
add $30+
Dangler/ Drop leg
Add $20-40
Side loop for sharper/fire starter
Add $10
leg strap attachment LOOP
add $10
Dundee/shoulder or Bandolier rigging
add $30
Dundee + Dangler
add $40-60
Double stitching
add $15+
Mottling or other special dye
add $20+
four side D-rings
add $20
Molly rigging
add $10
add $50


add $60
We accept the following payment types




Money Orders


Can be mailed at time of cutting leather to

PO BOX 33242, San Antonio, TX 78265

****We only accept credit cards through Paypal PLEASE do not send us your credit card information****